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Is the U.S interfering in Mexico’s internal affairs?

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The U.S has a long history of interfering in many countries‘ internal affairs, either by overthrowing governments or infiltrating Government agencies and using NGOs to subvert a Government.

During a press meeting in Mexico City, Ken Salazar, perhaps by accident, let the press know who the U.S Government wants & will push to be Mexico’s next President. That person is “Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo,” With the help of Foreign-funded NGOs and a Media that favors politicians that look out for the bourgeoisie in Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo is expected to be favored in Mexico’s next Presidential elections.

The gaffe by Ken Salazar happened during a press meeting that revealed the construction of a new U.S embassy in Mexico.

How U.S embassies are used

The U.S embassies have been used as spy agencies all across the world, So Mexico should expect the same from this new Embassy.

New U.S. Embassy in Mexico City

The New U.S. Embassy in Mexico City boasts 1,062,193 SQF; The Primary project elements include a new office building with a Marine Security Guard residence and secure support annex, an underground parking structure, maintenance and & warehouse facilities, four campus access pavilions, a large library, a utility building, a “police barracks,” perimeter walls, and fences, paved courtyards, and landscaping.

  • The original price tag was  $336 million but has ballooned to over 500 million.

Although some might argue that this new embassy is a sign of America’s commitment to Mexico and that of greater Latin America, what is true, is that Mexico has already lost much because of American intervention. At every turn, Mexico has had to push back against the U.S as it tried to get its house in order, primarily during the drug war.

The U.S continues to intervene via its (u.s funded) Human rights groups and NGOs, even as the President of Mexico has openly criticized such moves. The U.S has long used NGO groups to slander the acting Government and serves to discredit its armed forces.

Mexico is not alone in receiving pushback from the U.S for its fight against corruption & violent crime; another country also suffering from the negative press and political wrath is El Salvador’s President Bukele, he too is fighting a crime wave and is also getting bombarded with the negative press for clamping down on corruption & those committing violent crime.


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