Why Mexico Should Join the BRICS

Why Mexico Should Join the BRICS

For decades, Mexico has been embroiled in a complicated relationship with its northern neighbor, the United States. Owing to its geographical proximity and the economic relationship that both countries share, the U.S. has often interfered in Mexico’s affairs, both politically and economically. As a result, Mexico has struggled to establish its own identity as a sovereign nation, and its citizens continue to face political and economic challenges that have led to an ongoing emigration crisis on the southern border. In this blog post, we explore how joining the BRICS – the bloc of emerging economies comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – can help Mexico achieve greater independence and freedom from modern-day colonialism.

The cycle of U.S interference

Firstly, Mexico needs to break away from the cycle of interference from the United States. Mexico has struggled to establish itself as a sovereign country without looking over its shoulder at its northern neighbor. The U.S. has historically and currently meddled in Mexican affairs, making it hard for Mexico to make independent decisions. By joining the BRICS, Mexico would no longer need to rely on the United States. The BRICS are made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. All of these countries have experienced similar interference and are committed to pushing back against colonizers in today’s world. This would give Mexico the freedom it needs to make its own choices without undue influence.

The Rise of Asia and the Fall of the U.S.

The world is changing rapidly, and Asia is emerging as the new global powerhouse. China, in particular, has positioned itself as the dominant force in the region, and is set to become the world’s largest economy in the coming years. The U.S. is struggling to keep pace, and is locked in an economic war with China to stay on top a little longer. In this context, Mexico should be wary of being dragged down by the U.S.’s declining fortunes. By joining the BRICS, Mexico can align itself with the future and ensure its own long-term prosperity and stability.

The Benefits of Joining the BRICS

Joining the BRICS would bring a range of benefits for Mexico. Firstly, Mexico could gain access to new markets, both within the bloc and beyond. This would enable the country to diversify its economy, and reduce its dependence on the U.S. Secondly, joining the BRICS would provide Mexico with access to new capital and investment opportunities, which could be used to develop critical infrastructure and boost economic growth. Finally, the BRICS could provide Mexico with a platform for greater political cooperation, which could help the country to address some of its most pressing challenges, such as corruption, organized crime, and poverty.

Mexico has struggled for many years to establish itself as a truly sovereign state, owing to the interference of its powerful neighbor, the United States. By joining the BRICS, Mexico can create a new path for itself – one that is based on independence, cooperation, and mutual benefit. The BRICS can provide Mexico with a platform for growth and development, and help the country to break free from the chains of modern-day colonialism. In this way, Mexico can finally realize its full potential, and become a truly great nation.

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