Mario Delgado and the Shady Plurinominale Of Sergio Mayer

Mario Delgado and the Shady Plurinominale Of Sergio Mayer

The political landscape in Mexico has been buzzing with controversy surrounding Sergio Mayer and his standing within the Morena party. While some within the establishment, including former party head Mario Delgado and even the new President, are in favor of Mayer’s presence in Morena, yet many Mexicans who voted for Morena are firmly against him. This divide has created a dilemma for Mario Delgado and has sparked a conversation about backroom deals in the Morena camp.

Sergio Mayer’s inclusion in Morena has raised eyebrows among many loyal party members and supporters due to his questionable past and actions that do not align with the party’s core values. The Plurinominal candidate system, which allowed Mayer to secure a seat despite not being directly elected by voters, has also come under scrutiny. This shady process has left many feeling disillusioned with the party.

Mario Delgado, as the leader of Morena, holds significant power when it comes to assigning Plurinominales – those spots reserved for candidates who were not elected through popular vote. It is, therefore, understandable why eyebrows were raised when Sergio Mayer, a controversial figure known more for his career in adult entertainment than politics, was chosen for one of these coveted positions.

The question now on everyone’s mind is who exactly pressured Delgado into making this surprising move. Speculations are swirling, with some pointing fingers at Claudia Sheinbaum herself. The theory gaining traction is that Claudia Sheinbaum played a role in pushing for Mayer to be given the Plurinominale. Sheinbaum has been known for her close ties to Mayer and has publicly shown support for him in the past. Some believe that she may have used her influence within the party to sway Delgado in favor of Mayer.

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